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Our guide for Moving Insurance

An acknowledgement: When talking about insurance of all your earthly possessions, it can get challenging trying to balance reality and customer expectations, and while most clients prefer to just hope for the best to and companies would like to overload you with the information they know you will struggle with, we prefer to be open about it and give it to you straight up and let you decide what to do. 

With that being said, and by no means it contradicts anything, we are on your team, on your side. Just because we didn’t pack the box doesn’t mean that we are going to kick it; just because some of the furniture seems old, it doesn’t mean we will load them unwrapped and not treat them with respect. 

That is not who we are. We are M25 Group.   

If you’re preparing to move, this question has probably crossed your mind – and for a good reason. Every year, there are several (a lot) bad reviews written and claims filed against removal companies regarding damage done to personal belongings during a move. With this in mind, it’s perfectly normal to feel a tad nervous about putting all of your household goods in the hands of strangers. After all, what if your movers lose, damage or destroy your things?